New York Fashion Week | Lacoste Spring 2010

Lacoste is synonymous in the fashion industry in the fact that they are the only brand that puts function first, without entirely equating the style element. Christophe Lemaire opened the collection with a navy and white group, named "Deauville" in tribute to the beach resort's legendarily stylish that Lacoste harbors on each and every corner. Traditional, in every sense with short shorts remaining relevant. The collection progresses from there, continuing with the same color palette, only different hues of blue upon white. Polos, piped in navy, with tennis shorts, and an aqua polos paired with white drawstring pants are a trend with the range while trousers make a reprising showcase along with striped, sports coats, and double-breasting. The collection makes a easy transition from sportswear to well, sportswear. And how could you not respect that. Ending with a good note, sunshine yellows beams through directing the summer in a simple and clear cut way.

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