New York Fashion Week | Victor Glemaud Spring 2010

Victor Glemaud's spring 2010 collection is a far cry away from that of his fall 2009, in more ways than one. Noticeably, the collection features eccentric color combinations that bring a fresh, spring outlook to things. Then there is there are the multitude of collaborations that contributed to expanding his knit-obsessed collection. Enlisting the help of some great talents - Quiksilver helped with the lower region in the convention of colorful board-shorts, Gitman Brothers provided tops that feature contrast-collars, and Mackintosh gave what was needed...coats. With Rome as his inspiration, patterns are found throughout along with bold lines and basic silhouettes. Abandoning his strong suit was never an option, with Glemaud including minimal knitwear, the icing on top of the cake of a collection full of great collaborations and quality craftsmanship.


Blank Label said...

the split color shorts are blowing my mind! it's an amazing way to use color and it's really got my attention in the best way possible

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