Outerwear Report | Christopher Raeburn Rain or Combat?

Christopher Raeburn's outerwear is ready for combat, against the elements of the weather...and war. Surprisingly, his pop-out parka has a shell made of recycled military parachutes and a reversible button-out interior jacket that is lined with British wool and Cold War camouflage print. And while his pieces from his Spring 2010 were, without doubt, not meant for actual war combat, its always good to have that option. Stylish as ever, each of his coats are durable, quality driven, and perfect for the rainy weather. And the fun, translucent coloring adds a fresh feeling to the normally traditional rain coats that are all over the market now. Available here.


MajorityWhip ha! said...

They dont look very quality worth but most things dont. Not my style but they are cool.

Josh Spears said...

The see-through coloring is very modern.

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