Trend Report | Slippers

Ive spoken on the trend lightly before, but given our celebrity-obsessed society it seems that people are finally taking notice now that none other than Angelina's other half, father of too many, and owner of the porn-stache(please cut it) walked in front of a bazillion photographers wearing a pair of monogrammed sued slippers.
While attending a photo call for his latest movie, Inglourious Basterds at the Kursaal Palace on Friday (September 18) in San Sebastian, Spain, he caused a chaotic mess for sporting the personalized BP slippers. Haven shown up in Michael Bastian's Spring 2010 collection during New York Fashion Week - here - im not at all surprised that the trend is becoming mainstream. Its already become a commonplace in Europe, so expect to see much much more here in the states.
And District Cut can exclusively confirm that the slippers were given to Brad as a gift from an assistant. An assistant with good taste...keep him around. What do you think of the trend? Hit or Miss?


Anonymous said...

Miss indeed. Brad Pitt tries way to hard. I don't know who his stylist is but he really needs to help Brad find his own style and maybe stick to one look. The guy always looks like some kinda fashion victim walking around all labeled up. It's a mess really except for the Tom Ford red carpet moments.

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