New York Fashion Week | Robert Geller Spring 2010

Inspired by German artist Michael Sowa, Robert Geller gives way to continuing to be known for what it is that he is known for, vibrant use of color to get his point, mood, and thoughts across. For spring 2010 Geller uses a bold yet pale of blues, yellows, and purples to contrast with neutrals, making a bold statement that can be translated in many ways. Presenting trend after trend, the collection finds repeating use of stripes like no other. Though suiting pieces are the core, Geller evolves from the traditional to bring out his flair, layering shorts and leggings, cardigans and suit jackets, and vest upon fabric. Adding shape and masculine silhouettes, waistcoats, t-shirts, and jackets of all kind are balances out appropriately with their bottom counterparts, belting, and classic fits. Putting flame to the fire, tulle is present throughout - as neck scarves, ties, and broaches, which is a far cry from what we have seen from others. Pieces are as classic as they can get, but color bring them into a whole new world and create a collection the is current, trendy, and above all stylish.


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