Collection Report | Rad Hourani S/S 2010

Rad Hourani is a brand that barely gets my attention when it comes to making a splash, however, for Spring layers come out from everywhere and I can't take my eyes away. With a colorless base, the collection of space-age inspired looks offers an outerwear frenzy fit more for fall than spring - but Ill take what I can get. Leather is seen throughout, along with many other material put upon sheer thin tops that give all attention where it is due. Minimal details are what's important here and without doubt they are present, offering a lux feel to a small collection that packs a big punch in a little package. Silhouettes are straight-forward and while I can't speak much about the rest of the collection, outerwear takes the forefront, rightfully so.

Image Source: Men's Rag


Anonymous said...

the best collection of the whole fashion weeks, you have to watch how everyone will be copying him because he's what i call perfection!

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