New York Fashion Week | Band of Outsiders Spring 2010

Band of Outsiders have pretty much set their own standard and are having a hard time decided whether to break it or not. So far the later has been their decision and with their spring 2010 collection, this is present in more ways than one. While Band of Outsiders is one of my favorite brands to wear, the collection simply bores with their constant Americana "prep" approach that has already been perfected by them time and time again. Inspiration is clean and straight to the point - Jacques Cousteau documentary Le Monde du Silence and Malibu in the 70s. Who can argue with that when it is so clearly splashed all over the brand. Boat shoes continue to prevail and reign supreme, suiting is perfected, and trousers couldn't be anymore above and beyond. Other elements of the collection include suiting shorts, double-breasting, and all in all Band of Outsiders' traditions. Bravo...but oh so familiar.

Image Source: The Fashionisto via


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