Collection Report | John Lawrence Sullivan S/S 2010

At a quick glance-over John Lawrence Sullivan's latest collection alludes a chaotic assembly of trendy pieces that creates a fashion-forward mess, one not acceptable in DC. Slow down, smell the roses, and actually dissect the collection and you will find the greatness of it. Composed of everything - from suiting pieces and ripped denim to leather outerwear and "Tina Turner inspired trousers" - the collection gives way to an endless amount of possibilities that can be used in every aspect of your life. Blazers abound, the collection is perfect to score through for workwear, Ripped denim for your more casual outings, and avant-garde pieces for the fashion forward side in your heart. Pay close attention to the outerwear, they are a dream come true. A color-palette that touches on every speck of a rainbow, silhouettes vary but stick to a basic, clear fit that is in every way masculine. Trousers are seen throughout in any imaginable fashion and sheer tops make an appearance too. Without any clear direction, Sullivan provides an assembly of heavenly bliss.

Image Source: Mens Rag


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