Collection Report | Claude Grant F/W 2009

A brink of brilliance is captured in Claude Grant's latest collection, one that rivals the greats and brings innovation in a way that remains respectful of the past while trusting the future and all that it has to bring. Styling offers the great endeavors of the past, with trousers that fit proper and are cut high. Shirts are given a unique twist with contrasting collar areas of vivid patterns and pale colors, and while this isn't a new idea the incorporation is one that is notable. Asymmetric knits are alive sporadically but deserve respect in that they retain simplicity with detailing and awkwardness that makes for a great result. Outerwear seems to take all the focus with simple blazers, a militaristic feel, and pieces that vary in silhouette, color, fit, and cut. Notable is the brown militaristic penguin cut jacket, wide cavitied cardigan, and billowy silk trousers. One of the best collections that Ive seen all year, I would rate Claude's attempt as a conquer. Need I say more...

Image Source: Mens Rag


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