Accessories Report | Ernst Benz Great Circle Chronoscope Instrument Series Watches

Rarely seldom do I see a timepiece that garners the interest to be featured in District Cut so the fact these these new Ernst Benz styles have made it on this page is saying a lot. Ill just let them do the talking:
This new collection of timepieces is inspired by Ernst Benz’s original aircraft instrumentation. In the continual effort to tell the story of Ernst Benz and the precision aviation instruments the company is renowned for,… Benz, is introducing a new dial and set of hands reminiscent of the original mid-century design that inspired the cockpit gauges Mr. Benz produced in the 1960s and 70s.” Two different dials are available. “One being matte as in the original aircraft version for legibility and the other being made of carbon fibre mesh, a material often found in aerospace applications.
More information available via timezone.


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