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In light of some recent unforeseeable circumstances, we have been presented with a great opportunity that opens many doors as well as challenges. As difficult as it may be and as emotionally attached we have grown to kiD GQ, we embrace change and the exciting venture it offers. With that being said, I would like to proudly announce that as of September 14, 2009 we will be known as District Cut. While the name change is entirely due to circumstances that we do not wish to challenge nor discuss, District Cut reflects our transformation, growth, and identity as DC's Premier Men's Fashion Blog. The content remains the same, the commitment to perfection is still intact, and our respect for the city of DC and fashion industry will always remain true. You will still have the availability to access District Cut via http://kidgq.com/ until the end of October, however, our new site URL is http://www.districtcut.com/ and we encourage you to start using it now. New contact information can be found on the bottom of the page and any other information can be obtained by directing all questions to contact@districtcut.com. We look forward to the new path and ventures that this opens for us and it is my desired wish that you come along the odyssey with us.

District Cut


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