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Kid GQ(is it still kid gq),

I recently saw a brown suit at J. Crew and was tempted to purchase but skeptical. What do you think of the brown suit? Reagan made them popular back in the '80s but that's just it - I don't know if I can wear one without feeling like a Republican while working in a Democratic Congressional office. Is the color outdated, or am I just out of the loop?

Ronald Reagan took the White House during a different time. Staffers wore gray or navy, nothing more. Even stripes garnered the wandering eye in conservative quarters. Regan, however, was conceited and fashionable. He loved clothes and enjoyed denim, neckerchiefs, and tuxedos. He was one of the most fashionable presidents since JFK. Not afraid to be innovative, he expanded the acceptable on the Washington scene and made men take notice of their outfits. As for brown, its not exactly formal, but for lunch in the afternoon and certain work environments its fine. I have a great brown plaited suit that's vintage, with peak lapels and flat front trousers. Its quite presidential if you ask me.

P.S. You can just call me Ant.


DCFan said...

Reagan was the epitome of style

James said...

Brown suits are so Mad Men.

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