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When I think fall something in my brain instantly throws tweed into my head which may be why I find that this Asosman Tweed Waistcoat is such a great piece. Or it could be the fact that living in DC you are often time limited to the appropriateness of being unique in a fashion sense. This waistcoat not only features tweed, the perfect fabric for fall, but it also has the rare feature of being unique in a conservative manner. Maybe its the gray or the pinstripe. Either way, it doesn't take much for me to suggest this piece for your fall wardrobe. Available here.


Blank Blog said...

tweed is SO fall.
this guy really know how to put together an outfit. the bowtie is cute, and the socks are awesome. they remind me Paul Smith.
the slim jeans definitely flatter this guy's slim figure, and the blue paisley (that's what it seems like) shirt really goes great with everything, especially the tweed vest.

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