New York Fashion Week | Michael Kors Spring 2010

Michael Kors struck two cords with his spring collection, one for classics and one for futuristic modernism. Seems like a contradictory, but whatever the reason this is a contradictory that Im willing to get my hands on. While the woman were inspired to be look of Lady Gaga, the theme unintentionally spread to the menswear side with sleeveless jackets and knits with zipped seams. Furthermore, such details of waistbands throughout connotes a avant-garde look, only to be evened out with precise color schemes and straight-forward suiting. Kors is self-infected by classic American glamour, so it comes as no surprise that a classic mood in seen throughout, but joining that with a more non-traditional sense is both fun, unexpected, and a great change in pattern. Silhouettes remains basic, for the most part, with the exception of parachute pants and a drawstring-equipped utility jacket that go out of the way to make a difference. With such fun texturing as a suit with a bleach-splatter print and another with marble pattern that looked like camo, the collection can simply be described as classically fashion-forward.


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