Accessories Report | G&G Crossbody Tote

Looking for function covered in style? The D&G Grey crossbody Tote is perfect for just that. Providing lots of pockets and closures, the bag is the ultimate in utility and leaves everything in easy reach. Large in size, the tote has the availability to hold all your daily needs and more. And with a great black and gray contrast, with black leather finishing on canvas, the bag is just as stylish as you would expect from D&G. Available here.


Blank Label said...

god i love bags with several compartments for easy organization!
the contrast color is interesting. it almost looks like a greyish olive in the picture. but i can see that it's just grey.
i love this. great pick!

Ryan said...

Metro at its best.

DCist said...

This is a perfect bag for work.

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