New York Fashion Week | Ralph Lauren Spring 2010

Ralph Lauren is likely one of only two brands that are completely recognizable through each and every piece in their collections...the other being Burberry. With that being said, Lauren remains constant - when is he not? - to his prep and arrogant aesthetic that stands only in the promise that young prepsters will evolve from Polo lovers and into wearers of Black, then onto Purple. For Spring 2010 Ralph Lauren showed all three ranges, returning to an obsession with details that always make the difference. For Purple, we are given silk ties with loads of paisley...only insuring its spot as a pinnacle for luxury and elegance. Black offers the traditional city slicker more than original with silver-tip collared shirts that feature snap closings, and ultra-fitted motocross jeans. With Polo, Ralph Lauren went wild with tapestry patterned shorts, patterned cardigans, and retro sportswear such as blazers, waistcoats, and much much more. All this, wild remaining synonymous to the Ralph Lauren brand and presenting that effortless prep style that we have come to love.


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