New York Fashion Week | Loden Dager Spring 2010

Loden Dager has never been a brand that I felt the need to keep on my radar, but given their clear attention to detail for spring 2010 Ill have to update my priority list. Without a doubt, basics are the big new thing - or old, depending on how you look at it - but Dager approaches this aesthetic in a way that translates to a basic being just as intricate a piece as haute couture. With a color palette of stale neutrals and sporadic splashes of hues of blue and green, the collection is a harbor for relaxed pieces that cross with suiting. Patterns are present and detailed in the origin of textiles from Peru and Central America, jumpsuits make a surprising appearance, wovens add humor, and shorts suffocate the range. With silhouettes that fit loosely against the male physique, the collection exudes the relaxed mood that goes along with spring while continuing to showcase styles that will remain essential throughout the season.


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