New York Fashion Week | Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2010

Back in August we discussed how Tommy Hilfiger is reinventing itself and slowly trying to become relevant again - here. Now, we have Hilfiger debuting his spring 2010 collection at New York Fashion Week in a way that catches our attention, grabs hold, and makes us realize why he is an American icon. The collection of classic Americana style presents fresh shorts and trousers that are every bit current. Light knitwear is present along with blazers and suiting that showcases tailoring that we haven't seen from Tommy in quite a while. Patriotic in every way, the color palette is very much Red, White, and multiple variations and given his new found likeness to DC I must say that I am not surprised. The Obama's have inspired a new wave of interest in our fair city making me feel like every bit the attention whore. Tommy Hilfiger seems to be gaining more and more momentum as the seasons come. Don't call it a comeback but in essence thats what it is.


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