New York Fashion Week | Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

The pinnacle of fashion week for most, Marc Jacobs debuted his Spring 2010 collection in pure Jacobs fashion...late. Should we expect anything less? Jacobs seems to have went back to his roots with the collection, returning to exciting and fresh looks that are modern and trendy, opposite of the current that we have been seeing. Inspired by the 80's - if the prints didn't give it away - the range is hip and young, fun and wild. Bright colors are seen throughout, accompanied by fitted pants, mid-length shorts, and conservative and wide fit tops. Sweaters are present, along with tees, blazers, and outerwear. Exciting in every way, the collection exudes an unexpectancy in every piece and while this is a great change from what everyone else in the industry is doing, I have to wonder how long the collection will be relevant.


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