New York Fashion Week | Nicholas K Spring 2010

Nicholas K provides a casual and relaxed being for the spring season, one that contrast with the norm and breaks all the rules. Going against the current, color remains negligent with core focuses put on navy's, brown, gray, and not much else. Paired with the whites of the season, the collection contrast itself in a way that provides for intriguing thought...and a great look. While the color remains tamed, other components break boundaries with ripped and rough denim, cuffed shorts, stripes galore, and a relaxed outlook. Silhouettes are straight-forward and simple, like the rest of the collection, but individually each piece garners such potential that they are in fact quite intelligent and can only add great impact to anyone wardrobe. Leisure takes a forefront, but it is spring after all, and if your gonna do leisure you mind as well do it the Nicholas K way. More views after the jump.


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