New York Fashion Week | Duckie Brown Spring 2010

Out with the fall, in with the spring. Duckie Brown sure isn't afraid to embrace this, shying far away from winter wear in favor for resort-ready looks. Sheer is in abundance, much to everyone's delight and if that doesn't say "spring" than nothing does. Remaining true to sophistication, Brown pairs relaxed blazers with equally wide and dramatic shorts, providing for a silhouette that is uniquely its own. Patterns are present throughout with a signature Duckie Brown color palette of more neutral bases than not, and he provides for a fun outlook with bow-embraced voluminous shorts, high-waisted undergarments, simple headgear, and pieces that are just as relaxed as they are stylish. Duckie Brown has an interesting aesthetic that provides for the laughs along with the reality that you indeed would wear his collection...and that's what fashion is about, right?


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