Accessories Report | Thom Browne Samsonite Black Label Attache Briefcase

Who can forget the always reliable hardtop briefcase? I'm pretty sure they were staples on Capitol Hill and K Street during the 20-century and earliest memories of mine are of me trying to break into my fathers, but with the 21st came more usable and stylish(I say that lightly) leather satchel-esque bags that took their place. On to 2005 and we now have briefcases that are made of canvas, feature ultra-modern designs, and can very much alternate as a purse for the Misses. Fast forward to 2009 and the briefcase has very much become obsolete with favoritism being shown to holdalls and 'man bags' if you will. But with the success of Mad Men and sudden love for all things classic and and circa-1960 the briefcase may vastly be on an approaching comeback, and I am talking hardtop, not satchels. Don't believe me, take a look at Thom Browne's A/W 2009 collection featuring none other than the result of a collaboration with Samsonite Black Label - the Thom Browne Samsonite Black Label Attache Briefcase. Matching the general look of the entire A/W 09 collection, the attache briefcase is issued in a grey tone with unimaginable interior detailing. If there were ever a time to get back to classic roots it would be now but if there were ever a time to get your hands on this attache briefcase it would have been about 5 minutes ago. Fall is here, so get back to the masculinity of the past. More information via Colette.


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