Accessories Report | Bottega Veneta Fall 2009

Quality is the driving force for the fall 2009 season, and Bottega Veneta approaches this in a way all their own - focusing on the quality of luxuries as opposed to simplicity. With an emphasis on such goods as crocodile, ostrich, and leather, quality is written all over the collection. Revealing the more feminine side of menswear - that is very much a trend of their own for the fall - the accessories include small clutch-like briefcases, messenger bags, totes, and carry alls, just to name a few. Not to leave out small leather goods, an assortment of wallets accompany their larger counterparts like offspring. Footwear is kept classic while bow ties, gloves, and much more are at their disposal. Not to allow the worry's of the world to affect the fantasy that is fashion, Veneta captures the lux life that we all aspire for within the reach of an accessories range.

Image Source: Mens Rag


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