Shoe Report | Marc by Marc Jacobs 09

Without a doubt, footwear can be rather boring and dull in Washington, DC. Is that a bad thing, not necessarily. Classic and subtle is in so Washingtonians are right on the front with that one. But by chance, if you are looking for something with a bit more flair to brace your feet, look towards Marc Jacobs. Jacobs, celebrated American designer, has debuted his Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 09 footwear range and its not for the light at heart. Gaudy in every way, the collection is large with platforms making a comeback, flashy with loud patterns and colors, and detailed. The day I see a pair of those simple platforms walking in a Government building is the day that pigs will fly. A guy can dream though, can't he. More views after the jump.

Image Source: Mens Rag


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