Collection Report | Blank Fall 2009

Defining a style that is all their own, Blank if following in their long tradition with a collection that is synonymous with their namesake. Featuring rolled-up trousers(familiar?), knitwear, blazers, outerwear, and little else, the collection is trendy at worst, signature at best. With silhouettes that make a wider impact than usual, structure seems like an important factor with boxy tops slimming towards the bottom. With a monochromatic color palette, they attempt to keep the spring relevant with grays, blacks, and not much else. An added twist is included, however, with wide-bottomed trousers that are far different from anything we have seen in recent seasons. While the collection is not at all innovative and modern, its good to remain in a safe place, right? More views...

Image Source: The Fashionisto


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