Letter from the Editor

Yes, kiD GQ is back and with a rejuvenated vengeance. That's what happens when you go away on vacation, first partying it away in Miami then taking it slow and relaxing on a private Hawaiian beach. Its something that we all need every once in awhile, and luckily you can find lots of inspiration for your own style when venturing out of your usual town of residence. During the past week I witnessed a variety of styles and looks, going from the flashy and sexy Miami to the relaxed and comfortable Hawaii. One lesson I learned...men still very much associate fashions and style with sexual orientation. Are we still that limited as a society? In Miami, while trying on a pair of jeans at a local boutique I overheard a guy in the booth next to me ask his friend, "Do these skinny jeans make me look gay?" only to be answered shortly afterward, "yeah man, you look gay." Not only did I find the term "look gay" completely repulsive, but even more, I found the use of the term "skinny jeans" that much more revolting. Shocking for Miami, I know, but it says a lot about our society. Furthermore, while in Hawaii I heard countless young teenagers refer to men in speedos as "homos". While I completely agree that wearing speedos is a fashion NO NO, it doesn't have any connection to someones sexual orientation. Some of the straightest men wear speedos. Hello, Michael Phelps!! Apparently we still have a far way to go until equality is universal and while we have come a long way, our world still has many preconceived prejudices and stereotypes against minority people of all types. Yes, homosexuals are a minority. Whatever, we don't have time to focus on the negativity of the world. Lets focus of the positives...like the September Issue of the UK edition of Esquire. Breaking many barriers, the september suit issue is a hardback. Very innovative and attractive. I suggest everyone go pick up this attractive issue, on stands now. And to end on a humorous note, does the fact that I find the September issue of the UK edition of Esquire attractive make me sound gay?


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