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Topman is a proven fashion commodity - Topman F/W 2009 - with stores throughout the globe and seasons upon seasons of success. Much to our expectations, the creative mind behind Topman is every bit the stylish fella that you would bet your money on. Gordon Richardson, Topman’s design director, has been with the brand for nine years wilts before hand working on his own brand and teaching fashion at Kingston University in London so if there is anyone who you would want to help usher you into fall, its Mr. Richardson himself. Lucky for us the lovely folks over at The Moment got a few style tips from the master himself. Check them out after the jump.

"A modern elegant take on an English classic — would look very cool worn with no socks.”

“I love the simplicity of this — it really sums up the new autumnal mood for simple classics. I’d wear it with a spotted pocket handkerchief in the top pocket to add a bit of personality.”

“I’ve recently got into wearing suits and have several skinny Topman gray/black ones. I’m really feeling this mauve one, though, for those rock ’n’ roll moments. Also it would work well as separates, the jacket with a black trouser and the trousers with a black cardigan. So, although a high-octane purchase, one that you could get lots of wears from.”

“These shoes are from BStore and were a must-have purchase as soon as I saw them. They’re more versatile than I thought they would be but come into their own in the evening. I wore them the other night to my sister’s dinner party, and such is the importance of friends to ground you fashion-wise. One of my oldest friends took one look at them with my rolled-up trousers and said I looked like something out of Beatrix Potter. He wasn’t wrong, really! Still wear them, though.”

“These are two of my favorite shirts, one from Commes des Garçons and the other Stephan Schneider. I’ve styled them here with my trademark scarf. The white one has a great pleated collar detail, and the check and chambray one is the perfect combination of color and fabric.”

Check out the rest at The Moment.


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