Accessories Report | Lad Musician Leather Brooch

Further evidence that gender distinction in the fashion industry is vastly becoming a thing of the past is the sudden rise of brooches that are appearing in menswear. While the accessory is traditionally worn by woman, men are taking notice in a big way and want in on the trend too. Blame our neighbor, First Lady Michelle Obama, for the sudden interest in the female demographic...but who do we blame for the interest on my side of the gender pool? Evolution? Gender equality? Any guesses are okay with me but I am not complaining. Brooches are an easy and simple way to bring a bit of detail and attention to a simple outfit, jacket, blazer, etc. Kanye West has even gone as far as to pin a female Chanel brooch to his jean jacket- here. While I am completely in love with the look that Kanye garnered with his Chanel choice, I know that this may be a challenging fleet for many men to get their heads around. We have found a more masculine and unique brooch at Blackbird that will give you the same results as Kanye's Chanel...with just a more gender distinctive look. Odd in a way, the brooches are made of Kangaroo leather in Japan and will without a doubt bring attention from all. Available now at Blackbird. More views...


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