Shoe Report | Russell Moccasin Co. Exotic Shoes

More than appropriate, Russel Moccasin Co.'s latest collection is named "Exotic Shoes"? Why, you ask. Why not, have you seen it. Expressed by them as kicking it "up a notch", the collection of moccasins and boots feature hippo, alligator, elephant, and ostrich outers. And if your hip enough, Russell shows their heritage by encouraging customers to supply their own hides. In other words, got a spare gator or elephant lying around and they will turn it into one of these "exotic shoes". While I applaud Russell Moccasin for being innovative and classic all at the same time, this entire collection is anything but stylish and screams "tacky" in a way that I have not seen before. Furthermore, they have a PETA attack written all over them. If your brave enough, go right ahead...but if your smart then stay far, far away. More views after the jump.

Image Source: Selectism


Blank Blog said...

i find these shoes quite exotic. but they certainly will come under the PETA radar soon.
ostrich leather has always been very exotic, but is kinda freaky because of the bumps.
alligator skin is a trend that has been around quite a while and was never really picked up by society. I think these moccasins have a chance though.

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