Collection Report | Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2009

While Tommy Hilfiger will always remain an American icon in the fashion industry, he hasn't quite been on the "hot" radar for some time now. Some attribute this to the likes of Marc Jacobs and others who have made being innovative "in" instead of "scandalous" while others will blame Hilfiger for being stuck in time. Whoever is to blame, blame no more. The classic aesthetic that Hilfiger has always remained true to is suddenly current, and no one does this aesthetic better than Hilfiger himself. And while we are coming upon New York Fashion Week S/S 2010, why not revisit last year's fashion week and take a look at the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2009 collection. With silhouettes that showcase the masculine frame like no other, bottoms are fit to a tee, in the most masculine way. How he manages to pull that off is a mystery to me. Plaid is present throughout with the rest of the color palette remaining neutral with beiges, black, olives, and grays. All the American essentials are there - blazers, town coats, outerwear, trousers, turtle necks, suits, and of course the infamous Tommy Hilfiger jeans. Hilfiger himself managed to remain true to the 'Hilfiger way' throughout all these years and with the current trends that are making splashes in the pages of all the major fashion magazines it is quite possible that Hilfiger will become hot again. Add that to the fact that the fall collection was inspired by "the young and vibrant spirit of Washington, DC" and Hilfiger is yet again on my radar. Check out the rest of the collection after the jump, then head over to check out Tommy' guide to DC.


Blank Blog said...

i never thought Tommy was hot on the scene. yes he has built a great business for himself. but his styles are too dry. even with this brown/tan double-breasted coat, Hilfiger's style is still a "2" in my book.

let's just take a look at that outfit (2nd to last picture)
first of all (nothing to do with fashion, just an observation), this guy is an Ashton Kutcher wannabe.
2nd the baby blue scarf and the denim do NOT go with this jacket at all. dark blue selvage jeans and no scarf would have looked better because there would be more contrast. the colors are all light now and kind of fade into each other.
3rd the jacket itself is pretty ugly. the plaid design is much too big and much too bold. a subtle plaid design says the piece is interesting, yet not loud and obnoxious, which is the above jacket.

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