Accessories Report | Rike Feurstein Berlin Winter 09/10

If your a regular reader of kiD GQ then without a doubt you are well aware of my hat fetish. I collect them, wear them, love them, and care for them. In fact, Ive even got an entire section of my closet dedicated to my ever expanding hat collection. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that Rike Feurstein Berlin Winter 09/10 collection caught my eye. With hats that are reminiscent of the Mad Men era, Berlin gives them it a twist by adding trends that we have spotted in previous seasons and will joyously accept their return. Bringing the athletic side out of me, he included equestrian inspired head gear that is texturized with typical material of the type. Simple, the gray hat makes a statement in itself just being the style hat it is. Add a bit of an animalistic color palette and modernize it with a beanie...the result - Rike Feurstein Berlin Winter 09/10 Collection. Hats can very much complete an incomplete look, and with fall and winter quickly coming our way, head gear is not only a fashion statement but also a practicality of life. So stock up now, and remember functionality can always be fashionable. More views...


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