Collection Report | Bally Men's Winter 2009

Bally is a unique brand all in itself, and nothing expresses this more so than the Bally Men's Winter 2009 collection. In a way that no one else can, they mix rough and rugged with prim and proper, essentially resulting in a range that looks as if it couldn't be a better fit. Featuring a soothing palette of colors that include grey, green, and black shades, its no wonder the collection of opposites look made for each other...because the colors are. Motorcross styled bottoms, leather outerwear, knitwear, suiting, and ties all tie in to create the Bally man, of whom I inspire to be like. No one to limit themselves, they also include this design aesthetic with footwear - military inspired boots and fine shoes with brogues. I must say, this Bally man looks like the essential GQ in human form. More views after the jump.


Blank Blog said...

the lookbook is impressive although the thing that really caught my eye were the monkstrap shoes. such an elegant shoe, and simple too.

this look is essentially the bad-ass look. at least the fashionable* bad-ass. it's really amazing and typically I would say this could use a bigger splash of color but I think the color tones are perfect here. the fitting on this model is perfect too. perfectly skinny on a slim male.

Dope kid said...

the footwear blows my mind

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