Collection Report | L. Lindeberg AW 09

J. Lindeberg, not one to shy away from the ordinary, presented a collection that is just that...ordinary. Thankfully, ordinary isn't always a bad thing, and in this case it is a great thing. This subtle collection of AW pieces that includes trousers, outerwear, shirting, jeans, accessories, and suiting pieces takes a step back and lets styling take center stage. The collection is all about the way the pieces are put together, which can leave you winning...or losing. Fit, however, is a big factor with trousers that are straight-leg, jeans that have a wider silhouette, and blazers that are cut perfectly. While I adore creativity, sometimes we need something that allows us to appreciate menswear for being exactly what it is...menswear. The J. Lindeberg AW 09 collection is just that. More views...

Image Source: Mens Rag


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