Collection Report | Placed By Gideon Fall 2009

From this Fall 2009 collection it's clear that Gideon Tam, designer of Placed by Gideon, has a bit of a love affair with knitwear. From his simple take on sweaters that are designed with a modern aesthetic, love is written all over them. Complimented and balanced by a conservative and basic color palette, each piece in the collection has its own twist to it, resulting in a collection that is just as appealing to the general public as it is to the fashion elite. Tam does such things are make knitwear asymmetric, create one piece out of many, and present chunky cardigans. And to not seem to generic and commercial, more standoff-ish pieces are included to create the Placed by Gideon Fall 2009 collection, one that strikes a cord in everyone.

Image Source: The Fashionisto


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