Collection Report | H&M Divided Fall 2009

H&M Divided brings us a quintessential Fall collection that offers the same affordability that we have come to love and know the brand for. With a stereotypical fall color palette of browns, tans, and muted primes, the collection offers thick knitwear, washed denim, classic outerwear, and flannels - all things we have come to associate with fall. What really excited my senses about the collection is the Minnetonka lace-up boots, something we normally don't get with menswear. And while the footwear trend has a feminine connotation and can be skeptical, H&M does it in a masculine way that is both grungy and acceptable. Clearly inspired by the mountains, that seem to be on permanent fall mode to me, the collection is expected yet lovely. What more can you ask for. More views after the jump.

Image Source: The Fashionisto


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