Collection Report | Vincent Schoepfer Winter 2010

Designer Vincent Schoepfer has a unique flair of bringing subtle humor to the likes of menswear like none other. Based in Paris, Schoepfer is no stranger to formal wear, and he clearly understands all the parameters, making little tweeks to add the perfect amount of playfulness and a modern touch to pieces that otherwise are boring and average. Bow ties are a different item in itself and its something that I admittedly could get use to; humorous or not, its chic. Cuts are modern and above average, providing for a typical menswear silhouette yet atypical structure. Blazers are played up with texture, accompanying the unusual cuts and fit that I have already gotten use to. While most of the collection consist of knitwear and shirts, Schoepfer unapologetic addition of leather in the mix, in both conventional manners and unconventional, offer just the right amount of edge for the fashion forward crowd and those who like to push the buttons. While the collection is a menswear collection in itself, it is very much an individual range that provides for laughter and admiration all in one. More views...

Image Source: The Fashionisto


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