Accessories Report | Masakage Tanno Wood Business Card Cases

One area that I am sure no one has thought off to include in their cards. While in DC a business card is just as common as an ID, in theory their holders are rather generic and limited to metal casings - with initials engraved if you really styling. Time to up the ante now that we have come across Masakage Tanno wooden business card holder. Far different from anything I've ever seen before, it is made of Japanese Oak or Padouk with a magnet embedded to keep those business cards of yours safe and dry. With great detailing, its hard to believe that this is simply a card holder. And available for the reasonable price of $85, we can't think of a better item to be your next purchase. Currently sold out, Merhcant4 is slated to get another shipment of these delicious devils late August. Time to save up. More views...


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