Accessories Report | J. Smith Esquire A/W 09

Head gear in menswear is as traditional and classic as kind itself. It has to be my favorite accessory and can easily transform any run-of-the-mill outfit into something that looks like it took a little effort. While I advise to go more classic with what you put on your head, I can't help but be in love with the delicious designs that J. Smith Esquire have put forth in their A/W 09 collection. Innovative in every way possible, structures are unexpected with back-less features, scarf-additions, denim fabric, and even a few character-enhanced tops. Only for the brave, the collection is not easily pulled off, but I like to say...if your going to go outrageous, you mind as will start with your accessories. More information at J. Smith Esquire and images after the jump.


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