Around the District | MidCity Dog Days Sidewalk Sale

Lets be honest, for us men shopping can sometimes get old and tiring. But one thing that never gets old...catching a sale and a good bargain. With the weekend off of work what better way to spend it than to celebrate DC shopping with the Mid-City Dog Days of Summer Sidewalk Sale. All weekend long you can join tons of Washingtonians as they hoard around the U Street area. Far from Downtown, where tourist tend to flock, this cool event is not only a great opportunity to shop and take part in DC’s Tax Free Holiday, its also great to eat, drink, people watch, enjoy the entire atmosphere, and support local DC designers, artisans, and business owners. With a variety of of small restaurants and boutiques, you are sure to find unique indie pieces that will be cherished for years by you and strangers alike.

Mid-City has long become the perfect destination for clothing stores that support local designers, have the most authentic footwear, showcase vintage accessories, and provide for character within what you wear. Its sure to be an event that any fashionisto won't find fault in and with tons of other free activities, how can you say no. So come on down to Mid-City this weekend for the Dog Days of Summer Sidewalk Sale, your sure to not be disappointed.

Here are a few Mid-City stores that are sure to catch you interest:

Lettie Gooch Boutique (1911 9th Street)
Garden District Interior (14th and Church Streets)
Miss Pixies (1626 14th Street)
Pop (1803-A 14th Street)

See you there. More information after the jump.

What MidCity Sidewalk Sale with shops, galleries, and restaurant all which feature bargains and sales, trunk shows, and entertainment.
Why Its an bargain-ful event.
When Sat. & Sun. - August 1 & 2
Where 9th-17th Street NW, between P & W Street


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