Accessories Report | Daniele Alessandrini A/W 09

Most brands and labels design collections that suffer from a frightening case of "either you love it or you hate it"-itis. While I can respect a designer for sticking to what they know and like, I am also respectful when they pay attention to the masses and create a collection that will appeal to all. It seems like the designers of Daniele Alessandrini kept the masses in mind when creating their A/W 09 accessories range - and what a range it is. Providing an odyssey in time, accessories start of with a big trend this year - the classics. Footwear generates as trendy moccasins, slip-ons, boots, boat shoes, slippers, brogues, and loafers. Done in leather, suede, and wax-cotton, footwear is accompanied with hats, ties, bow-ties, gloves, scarves, and belts all unified with a similar color palette of fall shades and patterns, clean lines, and a simple yet intelligent design aesthetic. The collection then progresses to modern times where tennis shoes take a main focus. Both low-top and high-top are present in a number of texture mixtures. Colors are coordinated with a smart look in mind, one that is more casual than athletic. Gloves become more modern as well, with fingerless gloves taking the place of the previous leather ones from the beginning of the journey. Scarves, hats, ties, and belts appear more bright with multiple textures ranging from leather and croc to suede. Overall, the collection can be compared to DC in every way. The beginning is more conservative and neat, perfect for workwear. Think Capitol Hill, K Street, the West Wing...whichever you choose. The ending is given a more casual outlook, or in lamest terms its perfect for the after-work hours. Think Dupont Circle, U Street, Adams Morgan...wherever your particular crew hangs. And oh yeah, undergarments are included...Ill stick with my always handy Hanes, and Armani Emporio for special nights.

Image Source: Mens Rag


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