Style Report | Facial Hair to Feel Special?

"Men grow facial hair now with a bit of irony. It's rebellious but playful at the same time. They're saying: 'I'm no corporate slave. I can get away with this in a way my grandfather couldn't.
-Allan Peterkin, author of One Thousand Beards.
*Speaking as a member of the XY chromosome team, I have to say that the notion that men grow facial hair to feel more 'special' is a bit unfair. If anything, we grow facial hair to feel more mature and masculine--at least that's my reason for keeping the minimal facial hair that I do have. Where exactly does the 'specialty' factor come in anway, because Ive seen my fair share of women with enough peach fuzz to rival David Beckham. Is it impossible to think that men grow facial for the sole reason that they like the way it looks? Are we some dumbfounded as a gender that we must rely on facial scrub to get noticed? I think not. David Beckham is a clear example--what more can he do to feel 'special' other than wake up every morning being David Beckham? Nothing. Its a factor of appearance, our manhood, or perhaps even cold weather that causes facial hair, not a need to feel more 'special'. We are men after all!


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